I don’t believe in accidents or coincidences. And last Monday night was another great reminder that God’s timing is perfect. He had a divine appointment for us. 

Closing out January on a selfless note, the DFW Philanthropy Team visited the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas. More than 20 fabulous volunteers joined us for a family activity night of cookies, cocoa, and crafts with the residents! In case you’re unfamiliar, this organization serves as a home away from home for seriously ill kids and their families while they are receiving treatment at a nearby medical center. Dealing with illness or cancer is devastating, especially when it impacts kids so young. The Ronald McDonald House does everything it can to make it easier, and they invite lots of partners like Windrose to brighten the lives of their residents.

While we showed up ready for anything, it was clear that God had put us there for a special reason. In particular, we were blessed with the chance to meet Juan Pedro and his mother. They had arrived at the house earlier that day after traveling for many hours from Coahuila, Mexico. Fueling some uncertainty, Juan Pedro had also just found out that he would have to remain for another month of treatment, even though they had only packed for a short day trip.

Even if we were there to meet just this one family, it was more than worth it. We were able to reach out to Juan Pedro in his native tongue, and we assured him that we would be praying for him. At the end of the night, he exchanged contact information with some of our volunteers so that they could stay in touch. Juan Pedro even chose to give his beautiful drawing to Dulce and Juan Pablo to thank them for their kindness.

Juan Pedro is just one of the more than 50 families that may be staying at the RMDH in Dallas at any given time. That night, we also met several other families from far off in Russia and right here in Texas too. We were blessed to serve them a cup of hot cocoa and offer them homemade cookies. It really is the little things that matter. We reminded each parent and patient that we met: “You are awesome, and you are loved!”

No matter whether we’re fighting for our life or have just had a rough day, we all need a little encouragement. It is especially vital though when we are walking through a dark valley. We need to know we’re not alone. We need to know that someone cares. We got to be that “someone” on Monday.

Last Friday, the March for Life emphasized theme of the “Power of One.” This highlights that it only takes one of us to make a difference, one of us to protect the most vulnerable among us. In the same way, when we feel burdened by the many problems in this world, whether the injustice of abortion or the pain of disease, we cannot let that feeling paralyze us. Instead, we should take a deep breath and then step out in faith. Each of us can use our time and talents to help one other person.

For Windrose DFW, that meant welcoming a family with open arms and encouraging them during the hard road ahead. Please be praying for Juan Pedro and his family!