2020 DC Leadership Summit: Chaperone Application

DC Chaperone
Posted 3 years ago

If you are an alumnus of the Windrose DC Summit and are over 18*, then you are invited to serve as a chaperone for the 2020 program! We are looking for energetic, responsible leaders who want to help ensure that new attendees have an amazing experience, learn a lot, and feel like a part of the Windrose family. This will be a demanding and highly rewarding role, and we look forward to bringing our largest group yet!

There are 3 components of the 2020 DC Leadership Summit Chaperone Application:

  1. Video
    • Maximum of 3 minutes, uploaded to YouTube
    • Prompt: Why do you want to return to DC as a chaperone in 2020?
  2. Resume, maximum of 1 page
  3. Essay
    • Maximum of 750 words, double-spaced
    • Prompt: Please read and respond to Abraham Lincoln’s comments on the Constitution found here.
      • How does Lincoln describe the relationship between the Declaration and the Constitution of the United States?
      • Why is it important to relate the two documents, as opposed to viewing them as disconnected?  
      • How would you respond to someone who argues that a free society should not impose values on its citizens?

Please note that you will save your resume and essay in a single .PDF document to be uploaded at the bottom of this page. Best wishes as you prepare your application!

Thank you for your interest to serve as a chaperone for the 2019 DC Summit! Our chaperones are a huge part of what makes the DC Summit such a success every year. Please provide the following items by January 20, 2020.

*Eligibility Requirements: You must turn 18 by April 8th, 2020*

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