Each month, Windrose highlights a great movie that will expose you to the Western tradition, and inspire you to fight for what is right no matter the odds.

In the ancient world, myths told stories that addressed difficult and fundamental human questions about where we came from, who we are, how we should live, and why we’re here. Today, movies contribute to a sort of modern American mythology. They teach us both virtue and vice. They highlight heroes of the past. They paint a picture of what the future could look like.

This November, check out the Academy Award-winning film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington about a young senator who stood up to corruption in Washington against all odds. Give this 1939 smash hit a chance! Rediscover your faith in the institutions that make this country great. Our representative government was never designed to insulate those in power. We need to hold them accountable and prevent abuses of power!


Watch “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” & find out!


Convinced yet? Here’s a teaser…When a senator from Montana dies unexpectedly, Gov. Hopper appoints a young patriot named Jefferson Smith to replace him. Smith heads to Washington with wide eyes and high ideals. Wanting to promote education and patriotism, he drafts a bill to reserve a small plot of land for a camp in Montana for his Boy Rangers program. Before he can even move forward, he is blindsided by deeply-rooted corruption. Mr. Smith uncovers a greedy scheme perpetrated by Senator Paine of Montana and coordinated by mob boss Jim Taylor. When Smith’s plans to create a camp threaten to expose the crooked deal, the mob blackmails Smith. Though the political machine tries to silence the young senator and ruin his reputation, Jefferson will stop at nothing to expose the truth. His courage reminds us that one man can make a difference!

This film is particularly relevant in light of our November 2016 election cycle. We are electing a whole new crew of lawmakers and leaders who will make their way to Washington this spring. We must consider what they should do when they get there. How can our new leaders build a more perfect union, preserve our rights, and promote prosperity? Maybe Jefferson Smith can give you some ideas!

Even before January, we have to protect our country from rogue lawmakers who see a chance to extend tax giveaways to their friends in big business. Congress has now entered the lame duck period, or the time between election day and inauguration day. Dozens of lawmakers have been voted out of office, and they should not have the power to the make lasting decisions that spend taxpayer dollars and give favors to businesses. For example, a $26 million tax credit to NASCAR & Hollywood studies form part of what President Obama and Sen. Reid consider important “must-pass” legislation. Is this really a good use of tax dollars? Sen. Paine might agree but would Jefferson Smith say?