Windrose is excited to report that we are now in California! Los Angeles is now home to the 4th local chapter of The Windrose Project, so we are getting closer to our goal of spreading from coast to coast. On September 17, 2017, we hosted our LA Launch event, and almost 300 teens and young Adults from across the metroplex joined us. Thank you to all of our officers, leaders, and donors who helped to make this event an enormous success! SoCal will never be the same!

In case you were not able to join us, or you just want to enjoy the memories, we wanted to share with you 5 key takeaways from the LA Launch:

  1. Windrose wants to unify young Americans around the founding principles of liberty and equality. We are here to build bridges and find common ground through education and healthy debate about ideas. In America, we enjoy freedoms that most people around the world can only dream of. As young Americans, we need to protect our freedom, but before we can protect it, we have to understand it. That’s why Windrose exists: to educate young Americans about our great country.
  2. We believe that everyone’s life has value and purpose because as the Declaration says, “All men (read: everybody) are created equal.” In other words, you matter! Your hopes and dreams do to. We want you to become a courageous leader in your own life. You see, we know that each of us has a story, and freedom is the opportunity to live out that story.
  3. We ask big questions, because we want you to know what you believe and why. Spencer posed the questions: “Do Human Rights Exist?” “If so, how do you know?” Where do they come from?” The answers to these questions fundamentally impact the way we live and the way we build a nation. We cannot ignore them.
  4. Your officers are seriously awesome! Your LA council and elected officers worked tirelessly to prepare for this event, and we are so proud of them. They traveled far and wide to get the word out. Several, including Yoseline and Cindy, have been dreaming of this for over a year since the first DC Leadership Summit in 2016. We could not ask for a better team of leaders, and I urge you to get to know them. They have such big hearts to serve and impact their city, and you are invited to join them!
  5. We have big plans for LA, and we need your help! What is LA known for? Sure, the beautiful Pacific Ocean, but between superficial celebrity drama and rising levels of violent crime, the metroplex can be anything but peaceful. We want to be the change we want to see in the worlds, which starts by rolling our sleeves up! Through our monthly philanthropy projects, we are raising up a generation of young leaders who are learners and servants first. We are not just talking about making a change, we’re doing it! Join our 1st project on October 7th!

Bonus: Bananas bring us together! (No joke!) At every event, we want to bring people together and build a strong community of young American leaders. That starts when you meet someone new, form a connection and experience real friendship.  So on September 17th, we started out the night with a little competition in form of a game of pass the banana. No hands allowed, and the last person had to eat it for the win!

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