The Conservative Heart: How to Build a Fairer, Happier, and More Prosperous America

by Arthur Brooks

We live in a divided time. It has become commonplace to question other’s beliefs, values and motives. It is completely acceptable, even recommended, to assume the worst of those you disagree with, especially when it comes to conservatives. The crazy bunch is branded as cold, nerdy, intolerant and old.

If you ask someone on the street what it means to be a conservative, chances are that you’ll hear how about how much conservatives hate Obamacare, high taxes, and big government. In other words, everyone knows what conservatives stand against, but very few understand what they stand for. Arthur Brooks’s 2015 book, The Conservative Heart, explains that conservatives too often get bogged down in economic jargon about abstract ideas, but no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. Above all, conservatives need to be “happy warriors” who show how much we care for people.

It’s time for conservatives to spend more time fighting for people, not just against things. The Conservative Heart casts a bold vision for a change! He challenges the left’s monopoly on “fairness” and “compassion.” He champions the principles that conservatives believe in by explaining the heart behind them. His timely defense explains that the conservative heart is full of empathy for those in need and compassion for the poor.

Brooks brilliantly explains 4 key values that animate conservatives. First, conservatives believe in a fulfilling and meaningful life for everyone. That’s why we fight to protect the pursuit of happiness in America. We also believe in the power of decent work to elevate and shape our character. Conservatives also believe in fairness and social justice.

So whether you’re a young conservative looking for advice about how to build bridges, or if you suspect that conservatives may corrupt our country, you need to read this fantastic book! The Conservative Heart gives hope and illustrates ways that Americans can come together and fight for prosperity, for principles, and above all for people. Conservative values are American values. Conservatives stand up for happiness, unity, and fairness for ALL Americans. As Arthur Brooks affirms,

“Patriots and leaders fight for everyone who needs them, not just the subset who support them…A servant leader is called to fight for every single American regardless of how they may vote” (198). 

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