The Compass Point

Politics or Culture – Which Comes First?

By Jared Eckert Have you ever thought about how much people obsess over the things that come out of Washington, D.C., and Hollywood? On the same news stand you will see newspapers reporting [...]

The Yankee Rebel

By Bailey Amaral Crystal clear waters and pebble beaches surround Michigan’s tiny Mackinac Island nestled between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. Although today the island features a lavish resort and peaceful oasis for [...]

Civil Society: Solving Problems Better than Big Government Since 1776

By Jared Eckert Dissatisfied with the inadequacies of government? Pessimistic about the ability of government programs to solve your community’s problems? Great! So were the Founders! That’s why they sought to encourage a [...]

Happy Fourth of July!

Why We Celebrate The Windrose Team would like to wish you a joyous Independence Day! Today we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776. Brave patriots came together [...]

“Independent Together”

By Spencer Amaral Independence. When we use this word today, we likely use it to represent self-reliance, individualism, and a lack of bonds that tie us to people or things. When a high [...]

George Washington: America’s Father

In the race to end “toxic masculinity,” tear down statues, and rename schools, we risk losing something very precious: our history and the stories that unite us as Americans. When we choose to [...]

Modern Human Slavery: Denial of Dignity

Human Trafficking is a modern global's even happening in your backyard. There are more people enslaved today than at any previous point in history. Let that sink in. The 2016 Global Slavery Index [...]

Application Essay Reading

Read the Gettysburg Address carefully before writing your 2019 application essay. Speech delivered by President Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863- "Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, [...]

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