The Compass Point

Elves to the Rescue

Christmas can be a tough season for many kids, especially for those from broken and needy families. Christmas can mean lonely kids, empty stockings, and bare trees instead of family time, treats & toys. And [...]

Spreading Christmas Cheer

I will never forget watching those two little boys carry their daddy inside.   Both younger than 10, they each clutched a poster with a picture of their daddy in uniform on it as they [...]

Why honor the death of a dictator?

Last I checked, the term “dictator” is not a compliment. Unfortunately, many liberal journalists, college students, and activists seem to be confused about this since Cuban dictator Fidel Castro died last Friday. Castro’s mourners include [...]

#GivingTuesday: Start with What You Have

On Saturday, I was reminded of just how much I have to be thankful for. My life would be so different without a peaceful home, personal safety, or a loving family. Domestic violence destroys each [...]

I have hope

Are you avoiding Facebook these days? Have you tried to ignore folks who are gloating or complaining? Perhaps you’ve been unfriended, just for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions. If so, I feel you.   [...]

We the people…

We are two weeks from Election Day 2016! On November 8th, millions of Americans will head to the polls to cast their vote for who they believe should lead our country. Some will vote with [...]

Welcome to the NEW Windrose Blog!

Arguing, shouting, criticizing, browbeating... It can get ugly when we talk about government these days. Conversations become competitions, instead of a reasonable debate. Anger and arrogance take the place of compassion and goodwill. But what [...]

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