Get to know Jared:

  1. Favorite Book: After Virtue by Alasdair MacIntyre
  2. Favorite Movie: Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  3. Which US President would you like to go to dinner with?
    • George Washington
  4. Which insect would you eat if you had to?
    • Locusts like John the Baptist
  5. What’s the best advice that you’ve ever received?
    •  Getting an education isn’t for the sake of landing the best paying job; it’s about being able to live the good life.
  6. Who is your role model?
    • Dr. Nathan Schlueter
  7. What is your favorite Windrose memory?
    • Hanging out with students at the 2018 DC Summit
  8. What advice would you would give to a new Windrose member?
    • Participate in everything that you can. Learn everything that you can through the seminars and curriculum. Windrose really gives students such an incredible opportunity to become the best leaders, citizens, and students they can be. I guarantee that if you immerse yourself in Windrose whole-heartedly you’ll stand out amongst your peers, coworkers, and classmates.

Jared Eckert: Creative Intern

  • Currently lives in Philadelphia, PN
  • Graduated from Hillsdale College with a BA in Philosophy (’17)
  • Birthday: October 10th
  • Loves reading, road-tripping, and hosting friends!
  • John Jay Fellow (2017-18)
  • Plans to begin a masters program at Reformed Theological Seminary in the fall

Jared is joining the Windrose Team as Creative Intern for the summer! He will be leading the completion and implementation of Windrose 102, “Intro to Philosophy,” as well as providing valuable artistic and technical skills via digital design. Help us welcome Jared to the Windrose Family! You can contact him at: