About Us

    Each of us has a story. Freedom means that you get to live out your story. Freedom means that not only does your life have purpose, but you have an obligation to fulfill it. That’s what the pursuit of happiness is all about. And that’s why we are building a new generation of young people who are on fire to live out their freedom.


Our network of young leaders in the Windrose Project centers on relational learning, because leaders must be learners first. Indeed, to be a lifelong learner is to pursue Truth. Knowledge empowers the learner and the contemplation of truth fundamentally impacts how we live. This knowledge should be accessible to young people even if they do not have an opportunity to study the liberal arts in a college setting. We want to form well-rounded young leaders who know what they believe and why. By studying the American Founding, character development, and core leadership skills, The Windrose Project cultivates the mind and nourishes the soul.

We host monthly seminars and other regular community-building events. Windrose facilitates opportunities for young leaders to network with their peers and push one another toward a standard of excellence in all things. We provide close encounters with local, state and federal elected officials as speakers and examples for our young leaders. Windrose members attend city council meetings, engage at town hall meetings, and visit the offices of local representatives.


We believe that leaders are called to serve others, so we feature a large group service project every month. All members are encouraged to participate. Our program fosters engagement in both the public and private sector. We work with private and public charities to expose our young leaders to the different issues and agents of change in their community. Ultimately, we challenge young leaders to meet the needs of those around them and to take a stand for what is right. Leaders in The Windrose Project identify local problems and act on principled solutions.


At its core, Windrose is a community of teens and young professionals who are pursuing the good life. We believe the good life is all about fulfilling your purpose and living out your potential.  In order to accomplish this, we value consistent one-on-one mentorship because loving, relational accountability leads to personal transformation. Currently, we provide mentorship through our Lead Teams, and small groups begin in January of 2017.


At The Windrose Project, we educate, train, and mobilize America’s young leaders to live out the principles of freedom in their local communities. We believe that all people have unique, God-given abilities to lead, and we are committed to developing these gifts and talents. Teaching young leaders to take initiative, we equip them with the tools to navigate their future. We then mobilize these young leaders to actively serve their community and participate in self-government.

We desire to cultivate the heart of a free people through education, service, and mentorship. The Windrose Project is a movement of young Americans committed living out our liberty as responsible citizens of this country.