A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

We know that you want the best for your children, and so does Windrose. You have dreams for your children, and we desire to walk alongside them as they achieve their potential and pursue those dreams. At Windrose, we are first and foremost committed to helping your child fulfill their God-given purpose in life.

Second, we want them to understand what it means to be an American and how to live out their freedom. Being an American is not about your background or your skin color; rather it is something deeper and something spiritual. It is a way of thinking and viewing the world. In order to live out the American dream, your child must understand the principles of freedom that our country was founded on. In the end, we want them to know what they believe and why they believe it.

Third, your son or daughter must also learn to become responsible, independent adults who will take initiative. The love and care that you have invested as parents has shaped their moral compass, and now it is time to practice using it. Now, we want to partner with you to prepare them to be a life-long learner and also a leader in their community. You have an enormous role in this endeavor, and we could not do this without you.

Above all, we train young people within the context of love, truth, and relationship. We invite your son or daughter to join our network of young leaders as we help them navigate their future. We want them to use their God given gifts and talents to serve those around them. We want them to take a stand for truth. Thank you for considering the opportunity to partner with Windrose to develop your son or daughter’s potential. Our deepest desire is to train up and mobilize learners, servants, community members, great communicators, and mentors who are transformed into leaders even as they transform the world around them.

Best wishes,

Bailey Amaral

Director of the Windrose Project, Inc.