by Adriana Martinez

It’s hard to put into words just how amazing each seminar turns out every month, always a new learning experience with amazing people. On September 24th, 2017, we honored our nation’s Constitution originally signed just over 230 years ago on September 17th, 1787 . This founding document established the system of limited government that best respects our rights as Americans. Our Constitution prevents tyranny, but it also comes with a responsibility, because if we don’t follow it, it will not save us. It’s up to us to remain faithful and hold our government accountable, and that starts with educating ourselves. 

We were also blessed to have a group of 30 great young leaders join us all the way from Detroit, Michigan! They drove more than 10 hours roundtrip just to be with us! It’s incredible to be able to reach out to others in a different state and be able to pass on our vision onto them. (You’re always welcome, Detroit friends!)

We were also thankful that our directors, Bailey & Spencer Amaral, came all the way from Texas to join us for our 3rd Windrose Chicago seminar. Spencer guided all of our Windrose members though a quick, but deep lesson about our magnificent Constitution. It is important to have a written Constitution as no human is perfect and without written rules, our country would be filled with chaos. 

Aside from just learning about the Constitution, we also had tons of fun with the activities and group discussions. The activity involved blowing up balloons and building the tallest balloon tower. It was incredible to see who stepped up to lead their group and all the planning that went into each tower. Unfortunately, many of these towers did not survive, as they toppled over towards the end when the judging time came around. A lot of these towers would have made it through with a better foundation being built, just like what our Constitution does for our country. Without the Constitution as a foundation, we would topple over just like anything without a good foundation. Therefore, we should really appreciate the solid structure that the constitution brings for us.

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