In the midst of a busy Monday, Gabriel, a new member of our Windrose lead team, delivered our Windrose  “Thank You” poster to the Houston Police Department. Later, he reflected, “To see their faces fill up with joy made me feel content with the good that Windrose and it’s leaders are doing and will continue to do.”

“Windrose came to me at a very important time. It came while I was in the process of learning about life, relationships, communications, finances, etc. It’s very interesting how God can easily put certain people and events in our path that allows us to make very important decisions that send us on an extraordinary path.  Windrose is an extraordinary decision that I have made in which allowed me meet incredible and unique people. The things that we are learning here at Windrose is unlike anything else we, or other people, will ever get to know. It is not only about politics or laws. Windrose has taught me about our values and rights that we, as Americans and human beings, have.”                                          

-Gabriel Delgado

In the wake of the tragic attacks on law enforcement this summer, Windrose salutes our Men & Women in Blue! Our police officers sacrifice so much to protect us, and it is our honor to thank them! They put their lives on the line to protect our life, liberty & pursuit of happiness.

Windrose Houston Leaders, Gabriel & Joseline, delivered our “Thank You Houston Blue” Posters to local police stations. We created these posters at our August monthly seminar following a formal tribute to the 8 officers killed in Dallas & Baton Rouge earlier this summer. We gave the posters to our local Houston and Bellaire Police Departments. The officers who received the posters were overjoyed to receive our notes of love, support and gratitude!

What are some ways YOU can salute your local BLUE?