Windrose 2019 DC Summit Students in front of White House

by Bailey Amaral

April 15, 2019

105 students. 22 leaders. 4 days. 2 directors. 1 unforgettable experience.  From March 27-31, 2019, students from 20 different states gathered in Washington, DC for our 4th annual leadership summit.  In short, our 2019 DC Summit was an enormous success! Thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to invite 50 more students than ever before, making this our largest summit so far with 130 students. At the summit, students explored our capitol city, delved into our history, and forged strong new friendships.

The 2019 summit represented a turning point for Windrose: We graduated from a regional project to a national movement of young Americans, from coast to coast. We invited groups of students from states like New Jersey, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado, and Utah for the very first time. Those students left the summit excited to join the movement and build chapters in their own states. Many are currently in training to become future officers. States like Texas, California, and Michigan, where Windrose already has a strong presence, represented the welcoming Windrose culture with pride. Throughout the summit, we witnessed community, solidarity, curiosity, maturity and patriotism.

To get a close up look at the 2019 DC Summit, I invite you to watch the video below created by Tzadkiel Ponce de Leon. Tzadkiel, currently serving as the vice president of the Detroit chapter, was invited to attend the 2019 Summit as both a chaperone and videographer.  He generously put his incredible skills to work and captured extensive footage throughout the event. Following the summit, Tzadkiel expertly edited the footage to recap the summit in a brand new time lapse video! Don’t miss it!

Thank you to our amazing chaperones and sponsors!

Without your support, the 2019 Summit would never have been possible! To our sponsors, thank you for generously giving so that more than 70 students could visit DC for the very first time. To our sacrificial chaperones, thank you for staying up late, rising early, and for spending countless hours investing in the next generation of Windrose leaders. You are passing the torch and spurring on contagious growth!

Finally, Thank you all for supporting our mission to train young leaders. Thank you for believing in our students. Thank you for making it possible to reach more students in more states than ever before. God bless you! God bless Windrose. And God bless America!