2024 Windrose Leadership Summit in DC:

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The Scholarship and the Purpose of the Trip

La beca y el propósito del viaje

The 2024 Windrose Leadership Summit is designed as an interactive educational experience for teens and young adults from all across the United States. We are looking for passionate new leaders to expand Windrose chapters to new regions. We challenge all of our participants to come with an open mind and the desire to grow as a leader. During the trip, participants will explore our nation’s capital, hear from influential speakers, engage in deep discussion, conduct team-building exercises, and prepare to take action in their communities back home.

El evento fue diseñado como una experiencia educativa para jóvenes de todas partes de los EEUU. Buscamos jóvenes lideres para expandir grupos de Windrose a nuevos lugares. Damos el reto a todos los participantes a venir con una mente abierta y de llevar el deseo de crecer como líder. Durante el viaje, exploramos nuestra capital, recibimos oradores con influencia y participamos en charlas profundas sobre la libertad, hacemos ejercicios y actividades, y preparamos para tomar acción en sus comunidades. 

Two types of scholarships are awarded:

  1. George Washington Scholars – The Washington Scholarship covers all conference expenses including airfare, transportation, lodging, and some meals. Only first time participants are eligible for this scholarship.  
  2. Alexander Hamilton Scholars – The Hamilton Scholarship covers all conference expenses, but does not include airfare to Washington, D.C.  Hamilton Scholars are responsible to arrange their own travel to D.C. This scholarship is open to new and returning students. (Due to our desire to include as many new students as possible, previous participants not serving as chaperones are still encouraged to apply, but will only be eligible for a partial scholarship.)

We are thankful for the support of donors who continue to make this unique academic enrichment opportunity possible through their generous gifts and donations.


Dos tipos de becas:

  1. Beca de George Washington: Cubre todos los gastos de la conferencia incluso el boleto de avión, el alojamiento, la transportación y varias comidas durante el evento. **Solamente los que participan por primera vez son eligibles para recibir esta beca entera. 
  2. Beca de Alexander Hamilton: Cubre todas los gastos de la conferencia excepto su boleto de avión o transportación a Washington D.C. Es necesario que los que ganan esta beca organicen su propio viaje a D.C. Está abierta a estudiantes nuevas o recurrentes. 

Somos agradecidos del apoyo generoso de los patrocinadores que sigan proveyendo esta oportunidad especial por medio de sus donaciones generosos. 

This scholarship cannot cover an individuals’ tuition or other personal education costs. There is no cash value available for scholarship recipients. The scholarship is specifically designed to cover the costs of the recipient’s participation in the 2024 Windrose Leadership Summit in Washington DC.

Esta beca no cubre ni los gastos de la educación personal ni la colegiatura.

The schedule for the 2023 Summit will be released over the summer. The selected participants will travel to DC on Thursday, April 13th and will travel home on Sunday, April 16th. Participants may need to miss up to 2 days of work or school. A letter explaining the absence is available upon request.


Applicants must be at least 13 and no older than 25 years of age as of April 13th, 2023. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate younger or older participants at this time. Any scholarship recipients aged 13 or 14 may be required to have a travel companion during their flight to Washington DC, if no other participant will be traveling from the same airport.
The chaperone application is available here. We are looking for experienced Windrose leaders who have a heart to lead and teach. All chaperones must be at least 18 years old by April 13th, 2022.
You may reapply and compete for one of the Hamilton Scholarships available this year. If you are selected for a Hamilton Scholarship, you will be responsible to organize your own airfare to Washington, D.C.

Previous DC Summit participants will NOT be eligible for the Washington scholarships which cover airfare, as they are available only to first time participants. 

Due to limited space, all participants in the D.C. Leadership Summit must submit an application and be selected by the scholarship committee. Financial contributions to offset the costs of the Summit are always welcome, but will not bypass the application process.
Yes – Applications completed in Spanish are perfectly acceptable. No preference will be given based on language. We are looking for leadership potential and critical-thinking skills. // Sí, solicitudes escritos en español son perfectamente acceptables. No se dará preferencia según el idioma. Buscamos la capacidad de pensamiento crítico y la potencial de liderazgo.

Application Details

The application deadline is MONDAY, January 16th, 2023 at 11:59 PST.
The goal of a resume is to present a summary of “who you are” on one sheet of paper. It is recommended that you include information about your 1) educational background, 2) work experience, and 3) local involvement/activities. Keep it concise, and make it clear. Active verbs make your resume stand out as well. Resumes should never be longer than one page. Here are sample resume formats. There are also many websites like this one with further ideas.
You are still required to submit a resume, and there has never been a better time to create one! Regardless of your age, creating a resume is a valuable experience to prepare you for your future. Even if you have no work experience yet, you can still include information about volunteer projects, school activities, sports, skills and even future goals. 
The video is designed to personalize your application and bring it to life. Think of it as an elevator pitch or your personal statement since the application process does not include an interview. Please share why you want to join us at the DC Leadership Summit, what you most look forward to, and how it would impact your life.

Here are a few additional tips:

We recommend preparing what you want to say and practicing it several times before recording a final version. While your attire is not the most important factor, we encourage you to be professional and show the application committee that you take this incredible opportunity seriously. Eye contact, confidence, and good posture can dramatically improve your presentation. There is no need, however, to purchase a brand new suit. Furthermore, neither the background nor film quality will be factor into the selection process, unless it is impossible to see the subject or hear the audio feed. Videos must be understandable and clear, but there is no need to use professional production equipment.

You may use a cell phone, computer, or any other recording device with a camera in order to record the video. You can hold the device yourself, but using a stand or inviting a friend to record is advisable. You should treat your video like a job interview, and conduct yourself professionally.

Your video must be uploaded to either Youtube or Google Drive. If you upload your video file to Youtube, you can save the video to your channel and set privacy to “Public” or “Unlisted.” Do NOT set the video to “private”. If the video is set to “Private,” the selection committee will not be able to access it. To use Google Drive, upload your video to your Google Drive account and then share it with [email protected] to grant us access.

Please use official MLA or Chicago style formatting requirements including the following: 1) double-space your content, 2) size 12 Times New Roman font, 3) include a total word count at the bottom of the essay, not to exceed 750. In addition, you must combine submit the resume and essay in the same file, and all files must be saved as a PDF file. 
Start by Reading Federalist Paper #10! We also recommend that you read the Declaration of Independence as well as the US Constitution. Seriously! These documents detail the founding ideas of our country and the structures designed to protect it. You can also consult research institutions, but plagiarism is strictly prohibited! The scholarship committee wants to know what you think about these questions, not what someone else has to say. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but we do expect your own work. So start thinking and brainstorm by putting your thoughts on paper. Make observations and support them the best you can.


All application materials must be submitted on our website through the application form by 11:59 PM PST on Monday, January 16th. You must submit your resume and essay in a combined file, and then attach it as a .pdf or .docx file at the end of the application form. In order to submit your video, you must upload it to youtube or Google Drive, and then share a link in the online application form.

(Please do NOT submit your materials via email.)

You will receive a simple message after successfully submitting your application. You will then receive an email confirming receipt of your application materials within 2 business days of submission. Please be sure to check your email regularly, in case we require further information or have any issues accessing your materials.
Scholarship recipients will be announced in February of 2023. You will be notified via email whether or not you have been selected for this year’s Summit.